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Bonnie Madani, Esquire

Bonnie Madani, Esq.

Bonnie Madani is an exceptional Workers’ Compensation attorney with a passion for advocating on behalf of individuals navigating the complexities of workplace injuries. Drawing from her diverse legal education and personal journey as an Iranian immigrant, Bonnie brings a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to her practice. Bonnie holds a Juris Doctor from the prestigious USC Gould School of Law, where she not only excelled academically but also developed the foundation of her legal expertise. Prior to her U.S. legal education, Bonnie earned a Master of Law specializing in international law from the University of Tehran and holds a Bachelor of Law from Azad University, showcasing her commitment to a global understanding of legal principles.

Since joining the legal profession in 2020, Bonnie Madani has been focused on Workers’ Compensation law, where she has emerged as a compassionate advocate for those who have suffered workplace injuries. Her dedication to this area of law is rooted in a commitment to ensuring that workers receive the support and compensation they deserve when facing challenges due to work-related injuries. As an Iranian immigrant, Bonnie brings a unique cultural insight and sensitivity to her practice. She understands the challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds and is committed to providing legal representation that is both culturally competent and empathetic.

Bonnie’s journey as an immigrant fuels her commitment to justice. She understands the importance of providing a voice to those who may feel marginalized or overlooked in the legal system. Her advocacy extends beyond the courtroom as she strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of her clients. In addition to her legal expertise, Bonnie is fluent in English and Farsi, enabling her to effectively communicate and connect with clients from various linguistic backgrounds. This proficiency enhances the level of support she can provide to her clients throughout the legal process. With a relatively recent entry into the legal profession, Bonnie Madani brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to her practice. She is not only well-versed in the traditional aspects of Workers’ Compensation law but is also attuned to the evolving legal landscape, ensuring that her clients receive the most up-to-date and effective representation.

When you choose Bonnie Madani as your Workers’ Compensation attorney, you are selecting an advocate who combines legal expertise with cultural understanding and a commitment to justice. Contact her today to discuss your case and experience the compassionate and personalized representation that sets her apart.


  • University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
  • Harvard University, Certificate of Contract Law

Court Admissions

  • California State Bar

Areas of Practice

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Workplace Injury
  • Premise Liability
“I fight for my clients’ best interests knowing that we win together.”
Bonnie Madani, Esq. | Attorney, Union Injury Law
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